Monday, May 24, 2010

Sowa Vintage Market!

The Sowa Vintage Market will be back on June 6th!

want this, its so awesome

isnt this uber cool? i love type! Its the talented Mike Ware's gems and handy work. I was about to snap a pic when Mike noticed me and asked "Keyse?" Oh, caught! hahaha...
I really love how he displays his gems - the next 4th pics down are all his

this is pretty small, ash tray...made me wish i was a smoker for a second to many

thats a tiger and alligator battling it out...sorry for my reflection

aint that the truth sister

so many prints!

oh luicte lamp, you make my heart sing

little Bakelite elephant barrette wants to be yours Jessica ;)


lauren said...

Love that grey couch! Was Mike Ware selling that too? (In my dreams...) ;)

adwoa said...

your orla kiely tote is showing :) thanks for the roundup, lady! i was working but it was great to get this little peek