crocodiletears+flauxy+dogooder= Keyse 

Crocodile Tears is a filtered selection of Mid Century Modern, Retro, Vintage, Art Deco, and modern furniture finds from Craigslist in the Boston and surrounding area. In short, its like a curated Craigslist. 
I hope you like what you see on Crocodile Tears and are able to acquire it. I love design...especially if its inexpensive! 

Flauxy is jewelry that I design and make. You can catch me at a few events throughout the year. I'll post events on the blog. 

I'm in graduate school for social work. If you tell me i'm doing the lords work i'll...make a face and walk away from you. 
I truly LOVE searching for things people are looking for, I am a connector and builder of communities (if i was a Fraggle i'd be a Doozer). 

Reach out, keyse.angelo@gmail.com