Monday, May 11, 2020

As We Go Forward

Hello friend! So much has happened!!! How are you? I hope you're well and safe. 
Lets get into it! I GOT THE TANKER with a returrrnnnnnn! A beautiful Tanker Desk with a Return in perfect shape. What a dream! I got it this weekend.  Its so beautiful. When I got up and walked into my office this morning I was so happy. It only took a billion years right? The sellers were super super nice, they took it apart and delivered it. My friend helped me carry it up to the third floor and assemble it. We moved my secretary to another end of the room, i'll post a pic of that later. 

I also got the bidet...I am such a butthead, I measured everything but somehow was convinced my seat is oval when its round. So I got the wrong size, had it exchanged and got the correct size. It's still not a perfect fit but it works great and my bum is so clean. I really love it. I can't imagine pooping anywhere else (yes, I can because I have an unreliable digest system and sometimes I just need TO GO. I'll just feel unclean afterwards). 
One thing I didn't realize about my bidet is that this blue light is always on, its kinda great because i'm afraid of the dark. It looks like a mini UFO sitting on top of my toilet. 

I also got the coffee maker! It's great, the coffee comes out very even. Its beautiful. I drink coffee black, no sugar but I got some delicious Vietnamese coffee and started craving it with condensed milk. I made a sad Tik Tok video of me making Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk...I didn't spend much time making it, so its meh but yay!

I got all of the things! Next up will be pics of my deck...since i'm going to be stuck at home alone and forever, I might as well make it as comfy and amazing as possible. 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

9AM is not 9PM

Still no bidet, slowly watching my tiny stockpile of toilet paper dwindle. Customer service informed me that it should ship no later than Monday.

In the meantime, i've been looking up coffee makers. I have a Nespresso that's perfect for quick coffee but it's not the tastiest. Since i'm not in a rush to get out of the house and be on my merry way to work I decided to search for a new coffee maker. I should note that I also have a chemex, french press, cold brew thing and phin (I think it's still around somewhere). I used to have a Bialetti moka express, which I loved but a couple of years ago things were a bit wacky in my life and it got moldy, so I got a new one and that one got moldy too so I decided to wait until things are a bit more peaceful before getting a new one. I don't think a pandemic is a peaceful here we go!

After seeing the Moccamaster on Ragnarok (show on Netflix) and not knowing what it was - I started googling trying to find out about it.

and then I found it, saw the price...looked at it almost daily wishing that the price would drop or i'd magically win the lottery. I watched a bunch of comparisson videos, read reviews and tried to talk myself out of wanting it. BUT then I SAW IT WAS ON SALE on Nordstrom + free shipping. So I ordered it. Now I wait.
Moccamaster KBG Coffee Brewer
There's a bunch of other wonderful things on sale too...
it also comes in pink! 

There is also a short set, suppa cute
Look at this wonderful dumb thing! I ended up getting this instead :)

And then there was this....oh lord. I can't unsee it or stop thinking about it. Is there something more wrong? Sigh....
Dinosauria Bookends, House of Hackney

Friday, March 27, 2020

An Important Toilet Seat Update

For years I have wanted a bidet but never got one because i'm dumb. I mean, I don't know how else to explain not having purchased one already. Every time I move I always buy a new toilet seat, why not a bidet? Sigh. I have like 10 methods of making coffee but no special way to clean my butt other than toilet paper/wipes (bad bad for septic systems!)/shower. Shameful. Okay, enough with my sorry self loathing. With this terrible pandemic, I have been pushed to be the best me and the best me has a cleaner butt. So, I ordered the Brondell Swash LT/99 bidet.

I really wanted a Toto Washlet C200, Wirecutter recommends it but the reviews are terrible concerning the washers - Since I cant go hang out at my local hardware store and mess around with finding the correct washer - nor do I want to order stuff from Amazon right now that isn't essential (actually, I don't want to ever order anything from Amazon again) I decided to go with the Brondell.

Gripe: While people went insane purchasing all of the TP (I mean, doesn't everyone regularly store 20ish rolls like me?) some folks began buying all of the bidets, so many are sold out and the prices are way higher.

My brother, a property manager, recently told me an awful story about someone flooding their bathroom with a bidet - so i'm being extra cautious.

One of the tricky things about an electric bidet is that you need a power source. Most renters I know don't have an outlet right behind their toilet. Shoot, 3 apartments ago I lived without an outlet in the bathroom for 8ish years! Thankfully my bathroom has an outlet between the medicine cabinet and shelf, hopefully the cord on the bidet will be long enough, if not i'll run an extension cord.

My niece Scarlett turned 5 on the 11th, her brother turned 9 on the 7th. Their birthday party was postponed due to the rona. We have been facetiming, which is great because Scarlett is all about the zen when she's not teasing or pinching her brother.  

I hope y'all are safe and alright :) 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Everything's possible When you're an animal

The sofa arrived. It's cool. It looks good in the space, it fits the space and i'm enjoying sitting on it.
Tight back! (see me in bunny).

I dislike that overhead fan. If i'm here longer than a few years i'm going to take it down.

See, my new sofa boyfriend is so handsome, subtle, unassuming, open minded, not racist/sexist/homophobic/classist, works a full time job and has time for hobbies and maintaining strong friendships...oh sorry, and is cozy with pillows :) 

 Color poppin here and there

 My friend gave me this chairs buddy, so now I have a pair!

You and a dear friend sit on these chairs, across from me, i'll be on the sofa listening and enjoying the experience.

One of the things that really tied the room together is the Border Twill rug from West Elm. I got it on super sale and added a plush rug pad  bc its very thin and would slide around. This is not a rug for folks with pets, their lil doggy cat nails would get stuck and this rug isn't up for scratching/burrowing.

After I set up the room with the rug I sat my tired ass down on the sofa, sighed, ugly cried and took a 2 hour nap on the new sofa. I wish I could share this room with my mom. Call her and tell her how wonky it was carrying the rug up the stairs and my reasoning the positioning. I really miss her. It blows my mind that I get to keep on while shes gone. Keep on keeping on. Move a thing around. Wake up and sleep. Life is amazing and strange.

If you get a chance and have the funds, I highly recommend David Byrnes American Utopia at the Emerson Colonial Theatre. It is an audio / visual amazing experience. Since seeing the show i'm on a big Talking Heads and David Byrne music binge.

"Skin, that covers me from head to toe
Except a couple tiny holes and openings
Where, the city's blowin' in and out
This is what it's all about, delightfully"

Friday, August 23, 2019

but I didn't do anything, I just stood there

I miss my wall unit. It was so convenient for the tv and crap. I put up this CD shelf thingy in the living room, I got it yearrrssss ago in a cute shop in JP called Pluto. 

Happy warm good vibes salt lamp is still waiting for a home. It might just live there for a while. 

Fabio gave me his black fox to look after while he hangs out in Korea for a bit. I was supposed to get the white fox too but it lost its tail and Fabios mom took it :)

The sofa arrives next Friday - I hope the delivery folks can get it into my apartment with ease....and that it looks nice....and that I love it...I hope I hope I hope

Sunday, July 21, 2019

I'm sure i'll arrive to the challenge

It was so so damned hot this weekend. I also realized why I start baking in my bed, i'm under two damned heat radiating eaves. its unbearable without the ACs in the office and living room blasting away. I really need to win the lottery to pay my electric bill. Sweet baby jesus. Send me money. 
Lets make it a little cooler, 97 Degrees by PJ Harvey

With all of this heat and slothness that has become of me, I was able to get some things done! 

My beach essentials from Ulta arrived! I mustered the energy to open the package (I even took it downstairs to be recycled). I already have 30 and 50 SPF Sun Bum for safe sun fun. I slathered some of the Maui Babe browning lotion on while I put up my magnetic bug screen thingy on my deck. Both things work amazingly, no bugs and brown legs 

No more gigantic flies coming in to disturb my peace, yay! 

My talented friend made a curtain for my pantry, I love it!

I put up the tile I ordered a few weeks back, now the wall is protected from water damage. Ignore the uneven medicine cabinet, its not as wacky in real life 

I also put up some lovely hooks, added some foam tape thingy to my door to prevent drafts/noise. Saturday night I heard some lovely music...Life is okay. 

Here's some music to help you get through the week 

Monday, July 15, 2019

Endless Needs

The one on the left is Slipsten from Ikea, $12.99
The one on the right is Bold Wall Clock by Jonas Wagell for Norman Copenhagen, $80
I don't really like clocks. We have cell phones, so why clocks? but if I was getting one I might go for the Bold Wall Clock, I can't tell time with it but its cool. My awesome friend gave me a clock thats ticking away in the kitchen. When the air conditioners arent blasting and the TV is silenced I can hear the clock ticking away, a gentle reminder that time will soon be up (imagine spooky sounds!). I am a cheerful person! :)

The ceiling in the new place is a wee bit lower, it's not bad though. But, it is bad if you have a fan in the middle of the living room with 3 exposed light bulbs. so i've been looking for lamps that can adequately light up the place without blinding me. The Adesso Oslo floor lamp is the winner, I just set it up, the reviews are correct...its well made, gives off great light,  sturdy and looks way more expensive than it actually is. After deciding on this lamp I saw that it is also Wirecutters favorite too. A whole bunch of places sell it, Target, Amazon, etc

Right now i'm searching for a mirror for my office and a rug for the living room. Have any suggestions? I'm thinking i'll wait until the sofa arrives in August to decide on the rug. 

This is what I am forever waiting on, the Holmes Sofa from Room and Board, I got it in Garret Charcoal, size 79" 
This thing better fit my stairwell or else, or else i'm going to be ridiculously sad. I originally ordered the Andre 89" but the delivery guys couldnt get it up the stairs :( 
RB were very nice about it, they would have refunded me but I decided to order something smaller (Andre doesnt come in a 79") and they didn't charge me for shipping again 

ummm....thats it. I dont have any good pics to share right now. I should be showing off this awesome tan I got over the weekend but i'll save that for later! ciao ciao little lambs 

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Agent Cooper said don't touch that body

The sofa didn't fit. The delivery people were like Nawww dude, not gonna happen. Reordered new sofa that is 10 inches smaller and costs more. Survived the sadness of sofa not working out and having to wait 2 more months for the new one, danger of being consumed by sadness not completely at bay. I'm trying to be positive and work on the things I can :) Yay. 
I finally put down the rug in the office and I hung up some art! I also removed the faux stained glass tape that was covering the little window below - I replaced it with regular style clear contact paper - I really wanted to do a before and after but I forgot the before and worried I was being rude to whose ever fugly work that belonged to :) 

 Daria went up in the kitchen

Living room 
Cat face skeleton also went up (sorry, no close up)


There was a mega gap between the wall and the toilet, so I got this floating shelf from Target to cover it up, I can still remove the toilet lid if needed 

My awesome friend helped me hang the discontinued Brickan medicine cabinet, it's almost leveled :)
I'm waiting on a new stitch plate from Rejuvenation for the outlet on the right. The porcelain switch cover on the left is from CB2, they were on mega sale! I did have to call two stores out of state to get the amount I needed 

So pretty together! The Lostine shelf will go above the black shelf, just need to go get some wood for it! 

I put up this picture ledge from Ikea, MELLĂ–SA, to hold perfume bottles and more Alexis Bittar bracelets. I know, I have a few of them...

Norman Bel Geddes dressers  

I really like how my bedroom is turning out. If I wanted I could watch TV from my bed OR from the toilet too! Exciting times :)

Besides getting cozy with the new place i'm having fun at the beach, see how much fun? yay! I am so so so sick of this rain, its making my allergies unbearable. We are all prob going to get rickets

Sunday, June 16, 2019

All the giggles

I had an unexpected munchkin visit this weekend. Before I moved this lil cutie found a MAC lipstick in my bedroom, disaster was averted by playing it cool and assisting the little critter apply the lipstick. 

So helpful!

Apt stuff:
I missed standing on a soft mat in the kitchen, couldn't get my old one to fit so I cut it at an angle with an exacto knife, it fits perfectly now! I really like these mats from Target, you can hand and machine wash them. The hand towel holder is from Amazon. I have to remind myself not to pull it when trying to open the dishwasher because it comes off - I will prob move it

My friends sent me a gift card to The Sill - I ordered a Birds Nest Fern in a Dolores planter, it's so pretty! It arrived really fast too. I didn't expect it to be so big and healthy looking.
Here is 10% off to The Sill - If you apply that code for the discount i'll get $5 off my next plant

Back to this one...after playing in the park and stopping by the farmers market we went to Target. She picked out a toy cell and car keys over a glorious pink toy coffee maker - it was a big decision. We waited about 15 minutes until the folks at Target could ring us up (I looked deep into the eyes of the cashier and pleated for her to make this happen or else a bigger meltdown was before us), we survived the Target Register Disaster of 2019.

Apartment wise, not much happened this weekend. After Scarlett left (the munchkin) I put up two shelves in the pantry (bottom two). I'd show you the rest of the pantry but its still the stuff of nightmares. I have lots of organizing to do. Yay....
Regarding organizing,
I ordered these baskets for the bathroom shelves, they come in sets of 3. I put the 3rd in the panty. I really like them and only feel slightly annoyed that they don't all come in the same color.
The pantry is going to get a curtain and a little floor mat too. I haven't decided on the mat/rug yet, suggestions?