Now, its your turn to send me your pictures of what you have found using the wonderful and frequently updated Crocodile Tears blog,
Please include:
*your name
*item (duh...)
*how much you paid for the item(s)
...a little story would be nice as well!
So Easy!

Kates fabulous Lane Hope Chest,  $40! 
January 19,  2014
I got such an awesome note from Kate that I don't even mind the cats! Love it :)

"Thank you for helping me find this 1967 Lane cedar hope chest, which I got for $40. It was being sold by a couple who was moving out of their home and into a retirement community. They were selling most of their furniture, including this hope chest, which the husband had purchased as an engagement gift for his wife. Unfortunately, they could no longer fit it in their new home. They were so sweet, and the chest is absolutely gorgeous. The cedar lining still smells as fresh and strong as if it were new! I feel lucky to be the new caretaker of this special chest. Our cats like it too!"

John & Sara's awesome lil credenza, $60!  
November 4, 2013
This awesome piece of furniture was painted white when they rescued. I'm really glad John and Sara had fun with this...and i think its hilarious they didn't include their cat in the pic...hehehehe
Thanks guys, you know I hate those lil beasties ;)

Bonnies light blue eames chairs, $125 each 
March 24, 2012

Sara Rs Shoe Curio 
March 21, 2013

Tristans Togo
November 28, 2012
I came across this couch on CL and Facebooked Tristan about it - i knew he was on the look out for one and...BOOM, he got it! $500

Andrews Place
November 24, 2012
Andrew is a long time CT follower, he just scoured this beautiful and comfortable Roche Bobois sofa for $500.

In November 2009 he acquired this beautiful radio/record player

Suhayls Cozy Space
August 17, 2012
Suhayl, dear close lady friend, scored some amazing gems from CT...but, i was a butthead and never took pics of her place. Before she moved this fall Suhayl was kind enough to snap some pics before she packed it all up! 
 these guys came as a pair, $100

Smoked glass nesting tables (under the lamp), $60
Mini black leather couch (I almost got this for myself, you can kind of see the seats and metal arms), $120
Leather chair, $15

Leather chair, $25
Ottoman, gift from me
Desk, not shown $75

Larry, Dog and Barcelona Delight 
March 27, 2012
Larry, the woodshop instructor at my work, is AWESOME. I love going into the dusty woodshop to talk design. Awhile ago Larry told me he wants a Barcelona, I have been on the hunt. I thought I had a lead once but it was already sold. Heartbreaking. And then I found the beauty above! Check out Larrys cute poodle on the ottoman. I love bringing good design to awesome people and their pets...hehehe...
The chair and ottoman was $600

What a coincidence that google has a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe cartoon thingie today for his birthday!

Henrys Chic Chairs
February, 2012 
Blog reader Henry emailed me letting me know what he was on the look out for - so, when I saw a posting  for the above bench I forwarded it to him right away and emailed on his behalf. 
The original owner worked at Logan for American Airlines in the 60's.
$78 for the bench and lamp

Fabios Apt, Brooklyn 
February 25, 2012
I find stuff in MA for Fabio (my bff) * (lots of it comes from my apt...) and I send it to him via his awesome dad!
i spotted the table, it was sort of hidden, in a charity shop...the rest of the story involves running around the store, getting it back to his place via cab (total horror show) and hauling it up. When some animals get stressed they spit, hide, detach limbs...i'm pretty sure that I lose all physical strength and go to a quiet place...that base is HEAVY. After finding the dream table he needed some dream chairs. The folding vintage Plia chairs I "loaned" him some years back were not working...

Have you ever been on NYC CL? Its a total shit show. Ludicrous. Everything is uber expensive and meh. FVP had faith though...and he came across the eames shell chairs a couple of nights ago. He planned on getting both chairs pictured in the add for $175 each (small fun detail, the sellers had an eames splint hanging on a wall bw the chairs. unfortunately, the sellers met FVP in the entry way of their apt so he never saw their space). FVP somehow got 3 chairs. Viola! 

the third chair is hanging out in his bedroom with the dresser I picked up (in Plymouth?) with his dad. 

this is a domino dresser and chair i picked up with his dad as well

you cant really see him...but while poking around an estate sale i came across this cute lil figure. his hands are above his head and hes mounted on a nice piece of wood. it made me think of FVP right away...and now the lil guy guards the bathroom door. 

Aras Find!
September 10, 2010
This was such a sweet email, i heart you guys!
from Ara:
"that picture is he mid century brown sofa. It was $300 and he delivered! the picture is still on your blog. Interestingly,I have just started getting into mid century stuff and a co-worker sent me your link and now I'm hooked! I used to scour the furniture section but now I just go to your blog:)I'm a bit of a craigslist junkie! So when he got to my house with the couch I was over the top excited. I guess he is a big collector of mid century furniture and as he was leaving he told me to check out your blog for cool finds....I excitingly told him that was where I'd found the couch- on your blog! So funny!
I guess he had just connected with you recently as well!
Thank you for finding such great stuff.

Shellys Office Gem
September 2, 2012
Shelley Senai, diva from The Spotted Duck has created the most beautiful and sophisticated office for herself! I am beyond impressed. Check out her office pics and head over to her blog for more inspiration.

it all started with this couch, purchased from a dealer in South Boston, possibly Mohr & McPherson, $300

viola! here is the finished room, yellow wingback was $15 from Gloucester, side table was either $20/$25 in Medford

coffee table $40, Peabody, rug was $100 in either Cambridge or Watertown

Shelley found the letterpress drawer on her own :) for $20

i want to go work in this office!

Ari's Condo, Part 2
June 28, 2010
I'm proud to present Ari's groovy apartment, much to my delight he invited me to his home warming last week...much to my dislike I couldnt stay long. After spending a long day at work Amy and I arrived sweaty and eager for a drink! I couldnt believe how amazing Ari's place is - never mind the gems he acquired through Crocodile Tears, the actual condo is breathtaking. High ceilings and cool industrial details make his home truly unique and manarific!

Shake your booty this Friday at Ari's event, see bellow for details!

the cute recorder player was a recent find through Crocodile Tears

my favorite corner, I LOVE the old radio with the kickass flat screen on top. Kinda steam punk...without the tinkering!

there are so many cool lamps in his place, i love the lighting above the bar

i love this detail, metal and wood makes me deliriously happy

wine and candy, no dinner needed!

this pic was taken from the entrance, the stairs goes up to the loft bedroom

the view from above - couch found on Crocodile Tears and reupholstered

oh, hello...

this guy was not getting up...jet lag Ari said....

bedroom set found on Crocodile Tears

Amy, Ari, Me!

go dancing, take in good music, be happy! July 2nd at Oberon

Christines Home
MAY 23, 2010
While getting her home green Christine, of Eco-ista, found a beautiful dinning room table through Crocodile Tears! She says "It's solid teak and has 2 extension leaves that can be stored inside the table. It's very well constructed and the lines are beautiful - all for just $250!"

I'm in love with the chairs - great photo styling as well

Lauras Home
March 23, 20120
i'm uper delighted that Laura Warecki sent me these lovely photos of her home! i love all of the colors, patterns, and textures she choose. There are some serious CL gem action happening in her house!! Check out Lauras blog and her illustrations. fyi, the descriptions bellow are in her own words...Laura described everything so nicely that i didnt feel a need to reword, also...i am uber tired ;)

"Night stand. Solid wood, perfectly retro, cool slate top, and CHEAP CITY $10!"

"Orange tub chair. The back is wood veneer and I love it. Plus it's super comfy. $105"

"I have a two of these chairs (with HIDEOUS cushion covers, so in the meantime, I've covered them up until I can figure out how to sew a slip cover!) $150 for the pair"

"little cabinet from Keyse herself! I'm still as obsessed with this thing as the day I got it. $60"

"Set of 4 retro kitchen chairs. I thought of re-upholstering them, but I kinda love the quilted vinyl, plus they've got some bling-bling gold accents! $15/chair
The table is from craigslistNH. It doesn't really go in the house, but I got it for a steal ($20 I think) and can't bear to let it go. Hopefully I'll find a great place for it in a future home, but for now, it does the trick."

"Craiglist awesome/fail. I thought this was vintage when I saw it posted. But it's from Costco. Though it looks just like the one my grandma had and works fine. I got lost in Dorchester trying to find the woman's house so I just could leave empty handed. Now i use it all the time! $20"

Aris Condo, Part 1
February 20, 2010
Ari, from Beat Train Sound System, not only keeps the city shaking its booty but also maintains a stylish home. He just send me some pics of his CL Gems! So excited :) Especially since I am having a stay at home kind of night. Enjoy the pics and remember to share your Acquired Gems. xoxo

Bessie, Ari's main squeeze was originally upholstered in leather when he met her. He had her reupholstered in a navy blue fabric from Modern Fabrics by Marcoux Upholstery. I really love the color choice and the finished result is so classy and modern.

Before Bessies makeover

plycraft bedroom set, chrome and lucite lamp acquired from the maestro herself (thats me!)
i just got these pictures from Annie Rouillard, self described faithful blog watcher! Annie took some pictures during Christmas and has kindly shared them with us :)

Annies Home
December 30, 2009
Annie: "I'm not the designer/photographer most of your watchers are - but thank you for all your inspiration!"

Well Annie, you rock. You rocked the remainder of my 2009 into awesomeness! You also have great taste - I love the wooden folding chairs and pomegranates on your table setting!

glass cabinet was "FREE"
"It holds my growing collection of depression glass (Florentine 2, green) and early American pressed glass (Fishscale, Bryce circa 1880 to match our 1880 house). Also, the Wedgwood china is on the table that was produced in the 50's - 60's."

PS: Annie is on the look out for two more Thonet Bentwood chairs, send along if you see/have them

Dannys Home
October 13, 2009
Dany from Dame sent me some photos from her new's beautiful! I feel inspired to kick up the style and awe factor in my place.

"We scored the 6 chairs at the SoWa Antiques market this year for 300 bucks, which I think is a great price. I often see 4 chairs but not usually the formal 6 and I specifically wanted the high back chairs, which I don't see often, to offset all the other low furniture in the house."

Crococile tears find mid-century tea cart $125. Matches my buffet beautifully. The buffet has the prettiest wood grain I've ever seen on one of those pieces. I purchased the buffet at Yesterer in JP and they gave me such a good deal on the table that I couldn't refuse.

"Vintage Type chest (I don't remember the cost)/Somerville scored from Crocodile Tears saved from a Union Square Garage. The hutch is a family piece. And the midcentury china is a personal obsession of mine, currently I'm all about Russell Wright. He and his wife were all about utilitarian beauty. I am extremely vexed by anything that doesn't have a constructive use in the home."

Crocodile Tears find - "Vintage Singer Sewing Machine. What a beauty! This is a vintage model 201 and is considered one of the best sewing machines every made by singer. It's the closest to an industrial sewing machine ever made for home use. I was attracted to the compact footprint of the desk and stool and it wasn't till I got home that I realized it was such a fine machine, it came with the original manual and all the original attachments. It was the sellers grandmother’s who apparently didn't even sew. I think it was 90 bucks. I should upload a better pic of the desk b/c it's a beautiful deco piece."
Thanks Dany!

Jessicas Office Space
October 07, 2009
Jessica is a huge lover of clean lines and white spaces. She keeps her space from looking drab by adding pops of color through tapestries and desk accessories. "I like mid-century style furniture because a lot of it retains a modern feel, with little quirks that show a bit of thought on the designer's part." Next on her to do list: rug, curtains, and hanging JHills prints.

to the left you have Jessica Sutton Graphic Design
to the right, you have JHill Designs

The couch is by Boston Interiors, CL $100. The blanket is IKEA.
The chair is IKEA, CL $40.
The coffee table is glass with paperclip chrome legs, CL $20.
The desk is vintage, CL $80. The chair is recovered with Amy Butler fabric

Lots of lights!!! Ceiling lights are all from IKEA

These desks are the Melltorp dining room tables from IKEA.
The black chair is by Knoll, CL $200.
The white chair is West Elm, CL $80.
The cart under the desk is an old folding medical cart, circa 1970, CL $10.
The Gold Brocade wall calendar is from Shabby Chic Designs - $20?
The desk lamp was my grandfather's GE, circa 1970.

coffee machine will go here :)
The vintage sewing machine table was found in the trash!

intern station! The paintings are by Matthew Paul Corley.

Christine L Condo
October 5, 2009

Welcome to Condomania by Christine!
The sewing chair was purchased at ChopChop for $27 and upholstered with vintage fabric that was once a dress. The colorful swiveling fiberglass Eames chairs are from CL, $400.

Christine says this about her place:
i think i have a strong sense of taste and design but i get overwhelmed by the enormity of choice and the concrete limitations of my space. so i have trouble thinking of the place as a whole and planning it out. i just know that i love color, i love saturation, i want things to be fun, yet anchored in a grander aesthetic dialogue. i dont want it to be an antispetic museum, nor a shabby chic fleamarket, somewhere in the middle. it's clean, organized, a little zany, and a lot functional.

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